Classes begin this Friday, 4/11/14!!!

tai chi

Have you ever thought our studio would be perfect for training Tai Chi? Us too!!! We are pleased to welcome Andy Van Arum to Yoga Bean. Andy will be teaching two (2) weekly Tai Chi classes:

  • Friday 6pm-7pm &
  • Sunday 10am-11am

These classes will be available at our regular drop-in rate. Tai Chi classes can also be attended with 6 & 12-class punch cards and ARE available with all memberships!

Andy holds a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Shaolin-Do Kung Fu & Tai Chi. He has a BS in Exercise and Sport Sciences from Texas Tech University with emphasis in Biomechanics and a Minor in Health.

He began studying martial arts under Senior Master Joe Schaefer in Austin, TX in 1997 and has been teaching since 1999.

A sample of the Tai Chi curriculum includes:

  • Yang Style Tai Chi 24
  • Yang Style Tai Chi Straight Sword (Jian)
  • Yang Style Tia Chi 64
  • Chen Style Fan
  • Ba Gua
  • Hsing Ie
  • Hua Tuo’s 5 Animal Training
  • Candle Training
  • and more!